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Transferable Skills for Tertiary Level Education


Transferable skills are the sets of personal qualities and skills of students which are developed at the University. As the job market is competitive, so a student needs to identify and develop his skills for the future workplace. Several skills are needed to be successful both at the university and workplace. At the university, a student has to be self-motivated, hardworking, and have computer skills. At the workplace, these transferable skills are important to be successful. For gaining success in the job application an applicant has to prepare the CV successfully.

Time Management Skill

The time management skill at the workplace helps the employee or manager to work effectively by prioritizing important tasks and it creates a master schedule in developing workplace performance. Time management enables a student to do his task and homework in time. Time management promotes the student to get a better job in the competitive market due to proper planning, decision making, and systematic task completion. Moreover, time management creates a balance between the academic pressures of tasks and real life. Time management helps to complete the projects in time. For example, a manager can complete the task in time due to planning of time-based on the shortlisting of the task and activities.

Project Planning Skill

A project plan could be effective and a student can identify the important task by eliminating the distraction of the task. A student can identify his task and stop doing it from multitasking in academic settings. Teamwork helps to create a communication network among the student which nurture them for the better relationship among them. Teamwork at the university helps to resolve the conflict among the students. So, in decision-making, teamwork helps in organizing and planning academic tasks effectively.

Leadership Skill

Leadership skills at the university help a student to complete the task through effective speaking and communicating with teachers. Building a network among the students, identifying the problems of an academic setting, and negotiating with others are duties of the leadership of a student. A leader leads the team to win and complete the project in time. Leadership at the workplace develops the performance of the employees and the team members. Through strategic and effective thinking in the organization, a leader can do things successfully.

Motivational Skill

The practice of motivation helps the student to be more confident in dealing with classmates and others. At the university, motivation skill helps the student to do specific plan which helps them to easily get a hectic schedule effectively. It inspires the student to read more and perform better in the classroom. So, this type of motivation can change the overall performance of the student at the university. But, it helps the employees more hardworking for the taking of rewards and benefits.

Compromising Skill

Negotiation skill helps the student to compromise and understand the need of others. These transferable skills turn students be more empathetic and less selfless. The most important techniques for the student are to practice the negotiation skill through participating in debates, presentations, and group practices.

Presentation SKill

In the group presentation at university students get the understanding of others, develop a sense of brotherhood. It establishes a better relationship among the student in debating on the issues. To reach an argument and final result students at university read more books, present logic, sharpen their brains, and present systematically. Learning and acquisition of negotiation skills a student can handle a better future in professional life. So, the negotiation skill of an employee or manager can create a win-win situation that promotes the sales and revenue of the organization.

 SKills on Using Computer

Computer skill at the university helps to present a student as unbeatable in the presentation, calculation, design, networking, and surfing online. Online communications, computer knowledge, using the software are the main skills in the computer learning of students. In the corporate world, communication, networking, and sharing of information are done through websites and mailing. So, it is impossible to run an office for an hour. Moreover, responsibility, hard work, dedication, self-motivation, ability to work independently, problem-solving, adaptability, critical thinking with writing skills help to be successful at the university of a student.

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