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Supermarket 2022: A Vision of the Future

Supermarket 2022: A Vision of the Future

As customer behavior is changing day by day, many things should be emphasized by the retailers to deal with customers’ needs and behavior. It is very important to design malls and products as customers want. The supermarket 2022 showed some key aspects of retail stores that would be in the future. The main point of this discussion is a traditional and classical disruption in the supermarket.

In previous, peoples tend to shop weekly in the supermarket while today customers want to buy products from online platforms rather than going to the supermarket. This can be the very threat of supermarkets. With the growth of huge numbers of a private online brand that serves customers as their needs, in this context, people do not eager to go to the supermarket.

Location-Based Marketing

Companies now offer huge discounts to buy products online as well as comparatively lower size market than the supermarket. In these circumstances, customers try to buy products from lower price platforms as they get according to their needs regarding qualities and price. As supermarket is traditional style marketing system, which is the reason to fewer uses of a supermarket than New retailing system.

Through online marketing, customers get products within a very short time. And this is also a cause of less use of supermarkets. If a supermarket can be designed with huge technological supports then the customer will eager to use supermarkets. Such as self-checkout, purchasing products via digital method rather than manual systems. As the proportion of these two payment systems is 80% self while 20% manual process follows.

The Marketing Strategy

The marketing strategy is changing every single year. Many new ideas and methods added in the marketing and shopping sector to ease customers’ shopping experience. Every technology has positive and negative features. In this context, the five most effective technologies discuss as mentioned in the video with positive and negative features.

Prepared By: ATM Qutayba, Student, University of Dhaka

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