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Study Skills For Higher Education


There are some must-needed skills for a student to be good at university and professional life that are called study skills. As examples, writing skills, reading skills, speaking skills, listening, skills on technology and the internet. Among these skills, listening skills are pivotal to gain for a student to be successful in an academic career and professional life. Listening skills are also the foundation of other skills that should be gathered by a student in academic life at university.

Five of the listening challenges mentioned in the article above

The ability to understand the teacher’s lecture is one of the most burning ones among listening challenges. A student has to give full attention to understand the teacher’s lecture. If a student gives attention to his teacher then he surely will be able to understand the topic which the teacher discussed in lecture. Understanding a teacher’s lecture is not very painful if a student is attentive to his teacher.

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Presentation Skill

To give a proper presentation, listening skills are very important for a student. When the lecturer delivers a speech, the student has to capture the main points to explain in the presentation. Without listening sincerely, for a student to give a presentation smoothly, is not so easy.


Formal interaction with the authority or administration staff is depending on student’s listening skills. In the academic sector as well as the workplace student’s mutual and public interaction will rely on good listening skills. When a student will listen sincerely, he or she will be able to handle everything surrounding him or her. That’s why a student has to emphasize on these study skills.

Discussion with Mates

Discussion on anything critically, listening skills is the first condition for a student to gather in himself. To exchange thoughts mutually or in a group rather than listening skills is impossible for a student. At first, the student has to understand the lecturer’s speech properly then he or she discuss that speech. To understand properly, student needs good listening skills.

Listening skills

Listening skills play a vital role not only in the informal sector but also in the informal sector. To cope within social and in community listening skills must be needed. Without listening carefully a student will not able to manage himself in social life and the informal sector. So listening skills is a must needed for academic and in the workplace equally. Without listening skills, a student will not able to cope with an academic career and cannot manage properly the difficulties and barriers in personal life as well as professional career.

Writer: ATM Qutayba

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