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Key Study Skills For Higher Education

Key Study Skills

There are various ways to improve students listening skills that can be used by teachers. In the present modern era, there are numerous and outstanding strategies to gear up students’ skills including listening skills. To improve study skills at university, a teacher may help students in many ways, such as, by giving advice, by giving books and proper references about any skills and knowledge. Further, in the classroom, a teacher may promote students’ skills such as listening skills by maintaining quality teaching and by implementing some vital strategies.

Eye Contacting During Lesson

Eye Contact with students is the most influential way to improve students listening skills. When teachers deliver a speech to students in the classroom, the teacher should emphasize eye contact with students. Thus, students have to pay attention to teachers’ lectures sincerely. In this way, student listening skills may improve constantly.

Asking Questions

Asking questions to the students is another most fruitful strategy which can be used by the teacher to improve students listening skills. After discussing any topic of the lecture if the teacher asks questions from the delivered lecture to the students then the student will give proper attention to the teacher’s lecture. Students will be sincere about their course also and will be prepared to answer the teacher’s questions.

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Constructive Lecture

Delivering lectures by paraphrasing is another pivotal strategy to improve students listening skills. A lecture has many parts if the teacher delivers speech every part elaborately but constructively, then students have to listen to the lecture sincerely and can be successful day by day. Delivering lecture rather paraphrase, the lecture may be boring to the students long lecture is not very suitable for students to understand the lesson. So, the teacher can lecture in short paragraphs or paraphrase to improve students’ listening skills.

Using of Digital Technology

Using digital technology may be another major factor to improve students listening skills. Digital technology includes showing Microsoft PowerPoint slides, speakers. By using technology teachers can improve students listening skills gradually. In the present world context, the uses of digital and electronic devices are very essential to the education sector. In this way, a teacher will be able to grip students’ attention to the lesson.

Conversation with Mates and Teacher

Conversation with students about the topic of the lecture is another most influential way to promote students’ listening skills. When teachers discuss with students then students can give proper attention to the lecturer’s topic. In this way, a student will be able to improve listening skills.

Listening Skill

The academic lectures should not be so long. If the lecture is so long then students cannot give accurate attention to the class. Student’s overall skill depends on listening skills. To be a successful student, a student has to be a good listener and to be a good listener, a teacher may help in this way. One who is a good listener then that person can manage everything. So listening skills are must needed skill for a student to engage in academic career and workplace as well. Both teacher and student should emphasize students’ listening skills improvement. 

Writer: ATM Qutayba, Student, University of Dhaka                     

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