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Public Health Factors and Health status

Factors Impacting upon Health

According to a study shows that around 20% of the consultations are about social than a medical problem. The environment in which people are able to stay active can meet other people, can take well food, can be maintaining an appropriate weight, and also get support to stay away from smoking and reduce alcohol consumption which is good for health wellbeing. So taking continuous physical activities can help to reduce the fatal risk of premature mortality which estimated percentage is almost 30%. Improving air quality in Telford would prevent a huge number of deaths every year public health Status of the Population.

The average age of people in Telford is approximately 45.3.  Among the population of Telford, almost 88.9% people are in born English, as Telford is the city of England. Other countries were Wales, Scotland, India, Pakistan and Ireland. According to the same census there were around 9,076 people widowed living in Telford.

Target Population

The target population of Telford is children and their age in between 5-12 years. This amount of the population is almost 14% among the total population of Telford. The strategy to improve health conditions may reach to the ultimate destination if the strategy followed by the authority.

An example of justification of one need

The justification refers to anything that helps to prove any policy as well as helps to explain and support. An example of the justification in Telford is to ensure the health needs for the all types of people regardless race and ethnicity. So, this is the fundamental needs of any human being of anywhere in the world.

An example for prioritization of health need

The discussion about the health needs assessment upon based on the area of Telford and it is needed to mention an exclusive prioritization health needs. But there are many important health needs which is offering in the hospitals and public health care. But the preliminary health needs are to ensure proper health care which is related with the community based medical support for all pupils of Telford.

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