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Every individual in their life wants to assess the qualities he has developed in himself. He might use these qualities to further develop his career. Thus, the concept of a personal development plan comes to light. Personal development planning is a method in which a series of activities is planned and executed based on awareness, values, ideas, or goal-setting keeping in mind the career, self-development, education, and improved relationship. PDP also takes into consideration the career and lifestyle priorities of individuals. One might create a PDP following three steps. The steps include analyzing one’s current position, setting up a SMART goal, and drawing up an action plan to execute the set objectives.

Personal Development Plan

PDP is developed in such a way that it might help someone become a positive and self-motivated person. One might develop himself as a reflective, proactive, organized, and independent learner if he develops and executes the PDP accurately. The report focuses on describing how one might execute all three steps mentioned-above along with some other factors. In addition to that, a learning log and an action plan are also added in the appendix section which will show the identified weaknesses and the ways they could be developed.


To develop a PDP, one must consider figuring out the skills he has and the skill gaps he needs to deal with. He might use certain business tools to reflect his abilities and limitations. Following are the application of some of the most used business techniques.

Personal SWOT Analysis

Using this tool, the writer has tried to figure out the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats regarding his skills. By figuring out the strengths he might have an idea about what he is good at and whether his strength is favourable to support the opportunities he has. He also would be able to find out his limitations or weaknesses along with potential threats. The analysis would help the writer be aware of his skill sets.


The writer is good at leading and managing subordinates. As he is frank and has strong interpersonal skills, he finds mixing himself with others quite interesting. The writer is also recognized and abided by his subordinates whenever he is in the role of a leader. He has been working for many voluntary organizations where he tries his best to manage others. He is confident of his leading and managing skill and look forward to developing the skill further.


The writer is afraid of his problem-solving skills. It is evident that he is a good leader as well as a manager; he sometimes faces complexities while dealing with new problems. He sometimes even loses his temper and takes the wrong decision. As a result of which, all his efforts become meaningless. The writer cannot take a sudden decision.


There is a huge opportunity for him to grab. He might further develop his skills in formulating newer ways of directing subordinates. There are also a lot of career-building opportunities for him. He might engage him with big companies as a human resource professional, project manager, public relation specialist, trainer, department or operational supervisor, etc. The activities in these positions are specified and thus, the writer would not have to take prompt decisions.


While managing others in the workplace, sometimes, a situation might arise where the subordinates show reluctance in abiding by the orders of the leader. They might even raise questions about the decision made by the leader. In addition to that, as a leader, the writer might bear the responsibility of any negative outcome.


To conclude the discussion, it can be said that, a personal development plan is one of the most crucial concerns for every individual who wants to have a bright future. To develop the skills, an individual must first identify the current skills he possesses. If he finds that there is any skill gap, he should then take the necessary step to fill that gap. Despite having expertise in leadership and managing people, the writer faces impediments regarding problem-solving and unspecified responsibility.

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