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Location-Based Marketing


Location-Based Marketing refers to the direct way and method that indicates to use a mobile phone’s location to choose nearby marketing or business. This system is a process to send a text to customer’s phone about discounts of products of a particular company. To do effective this system customers need to install an application on mobile. Location-based marketing is very important to collect customers’ information of customers’ location using GPS.  After analyzing data of customer’s location, a company can identify their products price as well as products qualities as customer’s trends of buying.

Location-Based Marketing

More than 3 billion mobile phones in the world, and in 2019 almost 88% of marketers location information to target their customers. Among them, almost 71% of people responded to the retailers buying products with huge discounts and responded to location-based marketing with discount prices rather than specific high-quality brands. Almost 30% of customers responded that they are available to buy products from anywhere but they must need a specific brand. The advertisements of mobile location-based will surpass around 96 billion around 2021 that is a huge number that retailers will be able to get customers via location-based marketing process.

Around 2022 almost 48 billion customers’ vehicles will be connected to location-based features. And that will be another huge opportunity for the retailers to target customers. In this process, the total value of mobile and online coupon redemption will increase from 47 billion dollars to 90 billion dollars around 2023.

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The Voice Analysis Commerce

The voice analysis commerce also will increase to 40 billion dollars from 2 billion dollars. And in this context, 50% of customers will be location-based. There is a huge concern about location-based marketing retailers will get information about customers. And it violet the privacy of a person. In this perspective, the question about the ethical value of location-based marketing arises.


As in this process retailers can justify and identify customers’ personal choices and habits. In this case, it is not ethical in terms of human rights. Besides, tracking mobile location a tradition also introduced to identify customers’ habits over phone calls. This is also an ethical violation. Personal privacy violates completely in this marketing system that should improve to protect personal privacy safe.

Written By: ATM Qutayba, Student, University of Dhaka

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