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Learning Process and Key Skills in Academic Career


The learning process is the sum of some specific components which helps a person to gain the expected results of a certain area or field. The learning process is a lifelong process to gather knowledge about anything. So, I will try to show the part which I have learned properly and which part was difficult for me to understand. I will try to mention the most possible and easy way to gather these learning topics.

Reflect on Key Skill and Initial Learning Process

From the very first stage, I manage to give attention to my learning process to improve as best as possible my knowledge and skills on problem-solving skills, communication skills, skills on information and communication technology, skills about numeracy, seminar and presentation skills, skills to deliver properly public speaking and the skills on management of any situations and other skills.

Problem-Solving Skill

By completing the problem-solving class, I can manage to develop my problem-solving skills of any problems, which is related to my educational and professional stage of life. And I managed to learn about the skills of presentation and delivering a public speech on certain topics related to my learning objectives.

Communication SKill

Sometimes communication skills include speaking skills with others, and it may refer to strangers or familiar, communicating through the electronic device via email or fax. So, writing properly to communicate as the person who is communicating with me.

Numeracy and Mathematical Skill

Numeracy skills refer to the capability to identify logical concepts and do the mathematical terms correctly in the areas of human life. But this skill includes recognizing numerical numbers, helping to count correctly, solving the mathematical terms, sorting out data and statistics, helping to modify and add numbers, and others. So in this way, I improved my skills by maintaining strategy.

Teamwork Skill

To do work with colleagues is the most expected skill which may improve any person’s learning profile high. Most of the person cannot collaboratively work with others properly. But any person’s success does not depend on teamwork skills. But this skill helps a person to gain the abilities and improve their profile qualities.

Summarizing Stage

All of these skills are very important for all types of students in their academic careers. Some skills are must be needed from the very initial of the academic career as numeracy skills and communicating skills. So, summarizing the learning skills of any learning topic cannot help a student to understand properly.


There are various skills to gain in an academic career for the student. So, educational skills are the most desirable to learn to succeed in academic and professional careers. But the information and communication technology skill is one of the most expected ones. To develop personal skills in all areas of an educational career, problem-solving skill is must needed for a conscious student. So, after the above discussion, a hard-working and committed student can gain and gather these skills by doing hard work.

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