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Human Resource Management helps an organization to reach the destination properly by maintaining internal and external factors that can affect an organization negatively as well as positively. HRM has many different roles and functions to apply in the company. The aim of this paper is to identify and relate all aspects of Human Resource Management from the perspectives of a particular company named Air-lift.

Concept of Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management refers to some internal aspects of an organization that helps an organization to gain success by completing those functions properly. HRM deals with various aspects including planning to run the company properly, maintaining proper recruitment policy, and analyzing all aspects of the company. HRM helps to build an effective team for the company to gain its aims. In terms of nosiness and professional perspectives, Human Resources Management is regarded as a continual procedure.

Functions of HRM

HRM has mainly two major functions in every organizational perspective. The first function of HRM is managerial functions and the second function is operational functions. These two functions has also some subordinator functions regarding planning management, Organizational functions, management staffs in the company, Proper direction to the employees, and controlling process of the subordinates.

Strategic Roles of HRM

As mentioned above, HRM has different functions regarding the level of practicing HRM. Every sector in our life has the contribution of HRM, directly and indirectly. HRM roles can be mentioned mainly in three sections, such as HRM roles at the Corporate or business level, HRM roles at the social level and HRM roles at the professional level.

In corporate or business sector, HRM helps to search and evaluate the talent to run the company properly to the target. HRM alleviate the loads of the tasks in the organization. But HRM emphasizes on the organizational factors to increase the power of productivity in the company. So the company can gain success gradually from the very initial period of the company.

Conflict Management

HRM Skills for Sustainable Performance

So, Human Resource Management skills are a must need to maintain the organization properly. Perfect skills in HRM help an organization to attain its goals in a specific time frame. It also helps to keep the development process continues and makes the organization most sustained. Sustainable performance can be gained by the company by following the proper strategy of HRM. In this way, applying for departmental roles in every sector of the company. This process also aids an organization to achieve sustainable development and keep continuous the best performance.

Published By: ATM Qutayba, Student, University of Dhaka

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