The Hamptons Machinery Company

The Hamptons Machinery Company

Hamptons is a machinery company that belongs to Ireland and this company produces the parts of aircraft. The Hamptons is an effective team-based company and emphasizes productive team effort. Hamptons Company maintains a division of working place and every step of the company are drafted in details. The founder of the company is a visionary the founder emphasizes gaining expected results on a collective effort by team members. Hamptons Company also accents on to find out the faults of the company and try to eradicate the problems.

Hamptons Machinery Company provides necessary training equipment to their employees and workers. By setting particular aims the company tries to gain expected goals. Hamptons also recruit their employees by providing an official acceptance letter as well as the company provides testimonials to the employees as their recognition of the job. Hamptons also maintain strictly human resource management.

An ideal team consists of main four things that are collective goals and objectives, collective agreements or commitments, use of resources collectively, and all team members taking risks collectively. Conflicts prevail in The Hamptons Machinery Company like other companies. But the strategy to respond to the conflict is very effective. The Company tries to find out their negative conflicts and turns them into positive conflicts and in this way, the company gets better results day by day.

Teams and Teamwork


To attain the expected result in the organization, building an effective team and ensuring team effort is the prerequisite. A team can be developed by some people who are wanted to gain the same target by collective effort. Teamwork helps to run an organization properly. Teamwork also makes easy the tasks of the company or organization. To build an effective team, many factors should be focused on. Building harmony among the team members can be very influential also. Teamwork increases the level of production of a particular team.

Critical Discussion on team management in the context of Hamptons Machinery Company

A team refers to a group of working people who all strive to gain the same goal. An ideal team has many characteristics such as skilled and productive manpower, organized and written documentation, specific and clear goal setting, focus on collective effort, and strong team structure. Hamptons Company maintains this prerequisite as a team-based company. Teamwork is to make the utmost effort to achieve some specific objectives and goals of some people. A team cannot achieve its goal without specific goals.

Teamwork also refers to accomplished by individuals working together without working alone or parallel; who must try to gain goals nearly and interdependently. Teamwork reduces the jeopardies of the company. It helps to improve and increase the production of the company. Teamwork increase and develop the members of the company to enable the utmost learning about organizational strategy. In this discussion, it is must need to mention the difference between teamwork and group work.

Differences Between Teamwork and Group Work

At first glance, it may seem that there is no difference between teamwork and group work. But there are some subtle differences between group and team. Group work refers to comparatively individual aims, separate accountability, and individual triumph or miscarriage, while teamwork indicates the collective effort, separate and reciprocal duties, and combined success and collective miscarriage in the team. As Hamptons Machinery is a company in this case the company follows characteristics of a team rather than the group.

Hampton an effective team always emphasizes the well-being of the members of the team, the personal satisfaction of every employee, and to development of overall performance within the team. Various factors help to engage the employees in teamwork, among them promoting the internal process of the team, supporting workers to work collectively, emphasizing targets, and developing of emotional situation of the employees.

Every company follows a separate process to run an organization. The effective process can develop the performance of the company such as collective and conjunctive team effort, following extraordinary leadership style and theories, maintaining the internal values and norms, maintaining organized team size in terms of capability, and following the scholarly process of managing an organization.

Leadership Style

Hamptons Machinery Company is following an effective leadership style as the company develops gradually. To get success in a team, various eminent elements improve team performance including, maintaining a proper communication system within the team, building mutual and reciprocal contracts and agreements among team members, showing proper and exact respect to the team members, building mentality to take responsibility to gain the aims, and supporting employees in every situation mentally and in economic perspectives. Hamptons Machinery Company maintains proper human resource management to develop the internal structure of the company.

Challenges and Barriers

Every company has challenges and barriers such as economic fluctuation, unstable organizational structure, lack of proper leadership style, lack of experienced manpower. Hamptons Machinery also faces some challenges regarding the economic, structural, and maintaining process, lack of trusty relationship among team members, absence of proper vow among team members of the company.

Recommendations based on the above discussion

In these circumstances, there some subjects can be recommended to Hamptons Machinery to improve the performance of the company. Theoretical leadership and management styles can be followed by Hamptons Machinery that is developed by many scholars worldwide widely such as Daniel Goleman’s leadership style. To produce the expected result, the company can operate basic things such as processes, methods of organizing the company.

The company should recruit experienced workers and employees such as technicians to repair machines and other parts of aircraft. The company should maintain an organized managing style. The factory of Hamptons Machinery Company is very clamorous. And in this situation, workers cannot work properly by paying attention to their job. To be an aircraft technician. It is very expensive to complete a study but at Hamptons Machinery the payment amount of the workers is not standard as an aircraft engineer expects.


It is possible to reach this conclusion after the above discussion, team, and group is not the same concept rather there are some differences between team and group. Hamptons as a machinery company works as a team rather than a group. The Hamptons Machinery uses leadership and management policies to run the company. Hamptons Machinery has all the features of an ideal team. The tendency to avoid the job and the tendency to avoid accountability also can be harmful to the company. After all, the Collective team effect can lead a company to get utmost success as well as the best result that a company wants to attain within a particular time frame.

Prepared By: ATM Qutayba, Student, University of Dhaka

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