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Financial Statements and Accounting Management

Major Financial Statements

Financial statements refer to the preparation of the objectives to present an analytical review of the business accusations to deal with the decision-making process of a company. There are various techniques and instruments to analyze the financial statements, including the comparative financial statements, the trends of financial ratios, the overall research on financial statements, the investment and cash flow research, the common or general size analysis, and others.

Objectives of Finance

The aims and objectives of the financial statements are to demonstrate the actual conditions of the company by maintaining steps. Financial statements have some characteristics also, including the preparedness of accounting time frame in a particular area, FS also reveal the facts and the opinion. financial statements are conscious about the future value of the company, financial statements are kept as recorded in terms of every transaction and past expenses of the company.

In the discussion of FS, there are mainly some parts that are the center of the FS. These are the maintaining proper sheets and documents in a balanced way, to keep save the total income and revenue statements of the company in a particular period, to keep save and to control the total investment stream of the company, and the final one is to balance inequity of each shareholder’s statements. FS shows a particular company’s current condition including positive and negative.

Accounting Management

Accounting has almost five fields to perform an accountant. Among them, management accounting is the most vital one which is very much important in business and economics studies. Management accounting is the method to prepare business accusations about the operations of the business. And it helps the authority to make decisions regarding the short term and long term. So a major area of management accounting is to identify information, analyze information, measure information, and finally interpret information for management accountants.

Identifying Information

refers to the authenticity of information that a company needed to analyze its current situation in a particular market. So measuring information includes the total area from where the information has been collected to research.

Analytical Information

In the management accounting area, various types are the center of this sector of business finance and economics. There are some tools to use in managerial accountings analysis. Managerial accountants perform to relate analytical information of sales and expenses of a particular company. So, a managerial accountant can define the most effective strategy through the decision-making process.

All parts are inevitable and so much important to the business. Business features and characteristics have a crucial position in the business area of financial perspectives. So quality human resources are the prerequisite to gaining business success. Market share of the company indicates the total performance of the company in a particular business industry.

Business experience is related to the quality of human resources as they have proper quality. So the size of assets indicates the total actual market value of the company in a particular time frame. This assignment also covers accounting management at the last of the discussion.

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