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Every concept has a positive and negative impression towards the goal. Conflict management is a very important thing that affects a team and teamwork. The conflict has also negative and positive outcomes. The term conflict management indicates the method of managing existing conflict within any particular organization or company. By applying proper management policies, it is possible to control negative conflicts. Conflict management has many goals such as to ensure better performance of a team gradually.

Critical Discussion on conflict management in the context of Hamptons Machinery Company

The discussion of conflict and management of conflict includes many factors that help to understand the term and to improve properly. There is no team where conflict does not exist. As the conflict has mainly two types of conflict that are negative and positive conflict, within every team or company these two conflicts exist. In this context, The Hamptons Machinery Company also has negative and positive conflicts. Conflict can also be divided into a functional and dysfunctional conflict where functional conflict is very helpful for the team and dysfunctional conflict can harm the team in many ways. To develop conflict there are various reasons.

Positive and Negative Conflict

Positive conflict leads to a discussion among the members of the team. It helps to create new and effective ideas to reach at destination perfectly. Positive conflict paves the way for a solution. It also helps to reach the goal with everyone. Positive conflict helps to motivate everyone to focus on work. Negative conflict creates a bad impression and creates tension within the team. Negative conflict adversely affects the performance of all members of a team. It also distracts team members from the mutual and reciprocal cooperation to attain the goals.

Conflict makes differences among team members and turns away from the target. Negative conflict can turn into positive conflict by following some steps. There are various ways to respond to negative conflict. Conflicts can manage by discussing with the team leader or with the authority. Conflicts can also be resolved through open and frank discussion about the current problems and situations. If a member focuses on his job rather than conflict then it is possible to control negative conflicts. There is also a scholarly model to manage conflict within a team.

The Dual Concern Model

The Dual Concern model is a very effective method to manage conflict by analyzing self-control power and analyzing other factors. The utmost causes of conflict are dissimilation among team members and in their thinking styles to work a particular job. Every individual has a different style of thinking and different style to perform a particular task, in this situation conflict can grow within a team. Not everyone has the same ability to understand the work and everyone cannot support the team equally, this is also one of the causes of conflict. Not everyone has the equal consent or agreed mentality to achieve goals which is another reason for growing conflict. Conflicts also can arise within a team if the workers are not promoted according to their qualifications.

Processes of Conflict Management

There are almost five processes to maintain and resolute conflict within a team including competing mode to negotiate the conflict, accommodating mode to include positive outlooks, collaborative mode to maintain all member’s emotional situation, compromising mode to minimize conflict, and avoiding mode to remove negative aspects. Among these five modes, the competing mode refers to win-lose perspectives, while the accommodating mode indicates the reverse of this mode and that is lose-win perspectives in terms of self-satisfaction.

On the other hand, collaborating mode refers to win-win approaches while avoiding mode indicates the reverse of this mode and that is lose-lose approaches. And the last part of these five modes is the compromising mode that helps a team or organization to find the best outcomes by managing conflict. The Compromising mode refers to reaching a solution through mutual understanding among team members. Among these five modes, the best mode is the compromising mode as this mode focus on working with all members of the company discussing the problems, arguments, and debates. As a company, The Hamptons Machinery Company uses this mode in its managing and practical area.

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 Recommendations based on the above discussion

After the above discussion on various issues such as conflict and conflict management process in the Hamptons Machinery, it is possible to say that, the company is very conscious about their positive and negative conflict based on internal and external factors. But the company should emphasize some things such as the initial conflict management process rather than delay response. The company should focus on finding out hidden negative conflicts that are grown in employees. Negative conflict can be resolved very effectively by applying conflict mode. Compromising mode is the best mode to deal with negative conflict and the company should emphasize more on this mode to solve the problems, and to remove weaknesses that exist in the company.


Conflict is a basic thing that exists in every team, company, organization, or group. Conflict is not bad totally. As mentioned before it has mainly two aspects. When a negative aspect arises in a company or team it should resolve as soon as possible. On the other hand, without conflict, the company cannot find out its mistake. So, Conflict helps effectively.

Prepared By: ATM Qutayba, Student, University of Dhaka

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