Graduate Challenges: Academic and Professional Perspectives

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Academic and Professional Challenges

Executive Summary

The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate the challenges of a company and will briefly define the duties of different departments of a company. Every company has these departments and all departments have a specific area to do within their framework. This paper will also explain the linkage among all of these departments of a particular company and the challenges to graduate.


There are numerous challenges including marketing style, finance management, directing and organizing human resources to gain prosperity within the company, challenges may face the present product of the company and in other business functions related area has challenges also. This paper will demonstrate those briefly.


The main task of the marketing sector of a company is to find out the best business criteria within a particular area and to meet with customers and buyers as their expectations of a product. The marketing sector tries to exhibit the best marketing policies, use variant marketing strategies and use various marketing tools to enhance the production of the company. The marketing sector also defines the product’s price, products quality, and the strategy to promote the products.


The finance department of a company plays the most vital role in success in the competitive marketing area. The main duty of the finance sector is to supervise the plan of the company, to audit regularly, and to maintain the accounting part with very clarity. If the finance sector is weak of a company, then the company may not gain success as they expect. A company should develop a specific method to keep the finance sector more clean and authentic as much as possible.

Human Resources

HR or Human Resources is the most significant part of a company. Skilled human resources can take away a company to success, on the other hand; if Human resources are unskilled then any company can flop in a competitive business market. Human resources are must respond to the authority of a company. To gain more prosperity a company should adjoin skilled and qualified workers.
The production department is another pivotal part of a company. The production sector is liable for controlling and improving the production process of a product. This sector also tries to deal with designing the product as well as manufacturing any product of a company. The production sector is also liable to produce the maximum level of production of a product

How Business functions link together

Every sector of a company has different tasks. The finance sector maintains finance-related tasks while the production sector tries to produce the product. The marketing department tries to deal with the customer to sell a product. The human resources sector works within the main body of a company and the success of a company relies on skilled and qualified human resources. So every sector is interrelated with each other.


All of these mentioned departments are liable to the company. When these all sectors work together, then a company can earn the optimum achievement as a company wants to gain. But if any department failed to do as needed to gain success, the company will not be able to achieve its goals. The above mentioned challenges to graduate should be faced by a student.

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